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Software Modeling

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Noise Measurement
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WES Engineering

"Experienced in commercial-scale wind project management since 2000"

We work for you, at your pace. The end goal is a profitable wind project that will make you and your community satisfied.

Relevant Experience:

  • 13 years experience in commercial-scale wind development
  • Projects ranging from 11 kW to 300 MW
  • Ongoing turbine operations for three 12 MW wind projects
  • Wind modeling with WASP and Windfarmer
  • SODAR and LIDAR deployment
  • Certified Professional Engineer in MN 1997, and WI 2006
  • Obtained over $7 million in grants for six wind projects
  • Installed and repaired Met equipment, from 10m to 100m
  • Completed three new projects in 2012

Site Work:

  • Turbine Production Estimates
  • Construction Management-Foundation and Erection
  • LIDAR, SODAR And Met Towers
  • Create Project Financial Pro Forma
  • FAA and County Permitting
  • Noise studies- Including Field Measurement
  • Turbine visual simulations

Wind Project Services:

  • Act as Owner’s Engineer for Project Construction
  • Write Bid Specifications for Wind Project
  • Feasibility Studies at Reasonable Cost
  • Wind Speed Modeling over Project Site with WASP
  • Micrositing of Wind Turbines to Maximize Production using Windfarmer Software
  • Power Purchase Negotiations
  • Manage Interconnection Studies