WES Engineering Construction Management Services

WES Engineering staff have assisted wind projects* during the construction phase with a variety of tasks to assure the project can be completed within planned budget and schedule, and to assure quality built project. The common tasks performed include:

  • Preliminary Site Plan and Setbacks mapping of site and setbacks to determine permissible wind turbine locations for local zoning, with optimal energy output.

  • Bid Specifications for construction of foundations and erection of turbine.

  • Preliminary Engineering work with Owner to find least cost and acceptable foundation design to accommodate soil challenges such as high water table or lower stiffness soils.

  • Project Engineer to provide oversight during construction and during final commissioning, assuring third party quality checks are made and documented. Foundation quality control includes foundation rebar placement, concrete strength, and pre-tensioning anchor bolts.

  • Turbine Walkdown prior to contractor leaving jobsite, to assure all commissioning items were completed and commissioning documents completed and submitted.

  • Operations Training for the Owner to connect to the turbine supervisory and control data acquisition system, SCADA, for purposes of monitoring and control of the turbine.

*see projects page, WES has assisted in construction management for projects ranging from the Minnesota State 40kW and 65kW remanufactured wind turbines to the Cashton Greens Wind Farm 2.5MW turbines on 100m tall steel towers.



SC Johnson & Sons Waxdale Project [pdf]

Cashton Greens Wind Farm [pdf]

Minnesota State Community and Technical Colleges (M-State) [pdf]

Richland College Wind Turbine Project [pdf]