Project Development Services


  • FAA permits
  • County permits
  • Noise studies
  • Turbine visual simulations
  • Shadow flicker studies

Interconnect Studies

Utility PPA Negotiations

Turbine Siting

  • Wind measurement
  • Wind data processing
  • Topography assessment
  • Maps: turbines, roads
  • WASP wind speed modeling

Feasibility Studies

  • 20 year pro forma
  • Complete estimated expenses
  • Worst/Best year performance estimates

Partner with Experienced Professionals

  • Legal: contracts
  • Electrical: interconnect design
  • Construction: foundations, cranes
  • Financing: corporate equity and banks

Site Work

WES Engineering can help find the optimum site for your wind turbine, helping to find the best wind and least cost interconnect and then getting the permits needed to allow the project to be built.

Our Services:

Wind Measurement
Software Modeling
Noise Measurement & Modeling
Construction Management
Operation & Maintenance