Services - Software

WES has specialized software for the wind industry.

WES Engineering has a number of tools to use to take wind data from the project or a nearby public wind data source, and use it to model the wind speeds and energy production for the turbine choice(s) for your wind project.

These software products include:

  • Windographer-Windographer is a powerful wind data analysis program that reads data from almost any data logger, produces great-looking graphs and wind roses, and does advanced statistical processing.

  • WASP-WAsP is a PC program for the analysis of wind data as well as for wind atlas generation, wind resource assessment, wind resource mapping, and siting of wind turbines and wind farms. The program, which is continually updated by the Wind Energy Division, is regarded as the industry standard.

  • Windfarmer- GH WindFarmer, the wind farm design software, is used by the world's major developers, consultancies, owners, operators and manufacturers for projects of all sizes and at locations both onshore and offshore. It combines all aspects of data processing, wind farm assessment and wind farm layout into one integrated easy-to-use program making fast and accurate calculations.