Services - Windspeed Measurement

WindSpeed Package Offer Sheet [pdf]

Wind Monitoring, Modeling and Analysis Services [pdf]

Services - Met Tower

We can provide assistance in setting up any size wind measurement tower at your site. 

We also offer assistance suited for mid-sized wind turbine projects with hub heights not to exceed 200' and on-site measurement of your wind resource with long-term airport correlation.


SODAR (Sound Doppler Radar)

WES Engineering Inc. is now able to offer complete wind measurement, monitoring, and analysis services to wind energy projects. This includes measuring wind using traditional pole mounted cup-anemometers and wind vanes, modeling of wind speed over the project area and predicting wind speeds and energy at each turbine location using WASP modeling software, and now Sound Doppler Radar (SODAR) mobile wind measurement at potential turbine locations.

SODAR uses sound signals sent up into the sky and reflected back to the receiver to measure wind speeds. The unit is best operated in conjunction with on-site wind measurement equipment installed on a nearby tower. A temporary met mast can be added on the site near the SODAR if no additional cup anemometer (or similar) wind data and wind direction data is available.

SODAR is the least cost remote sensing wind measurement device and often has >90% availability up to 80m height.

The ASC Model 4000 SODAR Equipment

Secondwind Triton SODAR

LIDAR (Light Detection and Ranging)

WES Engineering's newest Wind Project Development Service is with LIDAR

Our LIDAR service includes options of measurement with data analysis report or with met tower correlation and report.

Standalone LIDAR NDR Lidar

Standalone LIDAR Measurement

Start wind measurement ahead of met tower installation to extend your measurement period. 
Many sites have >90% availability up to 200m height.

LIDAR with a Met Tower

Use the LIDAR to Extend your Met Tower.

Use LIDAR to reduce the Wind-Shear uncertainty through actual measurement

LIDAR for Turbine Power-Performance Verification

Does your new turbine perform as warranted?
Are you producing the power you should?
Can you improve the power production?

You can find out by using the LlDAR to Measure the wind coming to the Turbine, and comparing it to the guaranteed Power-Curve.

WindSpeed Package

What is included in the WindSpeed Package:

Suited for mid-sized wind turbine projects with hub heights not to exceed 200'. On-site measurement of your wind resource with long-term airport correlation.

  • Site evaluation and assistance with the site selection

  • Preliminary Long-Term Wind Speed Estimate

  • Wind Measurement Campaign - See Options 1 or 2

  • Raw data collection and cleaning

  • Obtaining Long-Term Reference data (ASOS/Airport or other) and converting it to useable format

  • Performing multiple correlations and using the best match for producing long-term data set

  • Creating a Report for the Long-Term Wind Speed estimate with Net Energy Output for 3 turbines

  • Administrative and Other Cost